Colombia from the Hip … The “Recolectores”

Walking downtown the other day, I met the most phenomenal delivery man. He takes this crazy-heavy wooden cart around town to make deliveries for people. I’m not talking pizza and Chinese food … I’m talking furniture, helping people move offices … you name it, he’ll carry it. Basically, the cart itself is heavier than anything I can budge.
And he was so happy to let me take pictures and show off his colorful cart, painted like a Chiva with “Jesus is my savior. God. Faith.” and similar signs everywhere.
I’m amazed at what a hard job this is. To get up and carry hundreds of pounds every day. I’m constantly in wonder by the drive of  people to make their lives better, to drag a cart around town hoping for work, not knowing, from day to day, if there will be work.
There’s definitely a huge element of faith in that.
And I feel fortunate to have celebrated his work with him for a moment. It’s humbling.

I think about Alicia Keys’  HOLY WAR. Maybe if we all took a moment to share and celebrate one another’s work and life challenges, we could bridge the hate and divide.

“What if sex was holy and war was obscene
And it wasn’t twisted, what a wonderful dream
Living for love, unafraid of the end
Forgiveness is the only real revenge

Oh, so we can heal each other and fill each other
We can break these walls between each other
Baby, blow by blow and brick by brick
Keep yourself open, yourself open”

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