Unbound: Stories of Transformation, Love & Monsters

FIVE POINTS PRESS was formed by five authors living in four different countries with a shared experience of one pandemic and way too much time at home … From the chaos of a year of uncertainty, quarantines, sickness, and never-ending online meetings, UNBOUND was born: a collaborative creation, a collection of twelve stories from authors around the world — a gathering of mysteries each author lives, each trying to make sense of their world.


A dull AP English assignment interrupted by the resurrection of a 5,000-year-old mummy. A “boy meets boy meets time travel” tale. An ancient evil summoned from the Scottish moors. A sentient garden turned matchmaker. A troubled teen who rehabilitates monsters. A sinister society where love is punishable by death. A medieval pirate queen in love with a ghost. A demon who rebels against her birthright. A mysterious Power that turns people to stone. A girl who guards the secret behind her best friend’s disappearance. A violinist on the brink who learns to listen to her heart. The stories in this anthology have one common theme: Transformation. They include international ownvoices perspectives; a New York Times-bestselling author; Emmy, SIBA, and ILA award-winning writers; and emerging, independent voices in YA fiction. The collection’s authors, like its stories, are UNBOUND—diverse voices exploring identity, love, betrayal, and becoming. They give us a glimpse into what can be: stories of possibility, love, friendship, the monsters around us and within us.

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4 reviews for Unbound: Stories of Transformation, Love & Monsters

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    “In his story ‘Over Time,’ John Klekamp weaves a beguilingly sweet and impactful queer take on The Prince and the Pauper that sees two very different young men from very different times swapping lives and confronting what exactly it means to be gay. Its inclusion in the UNBOUND anthology only strengthens a beautiful, challenging, and mind-dazzling collection!” Adam Sass, author of SURRENDER YOUR SONS

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    “Angela Sierra elevates teen angst by examining the unique struggles of a third culture kid. The reader celebrates with her protagonist as she is unbound by her own choices.” Stacy Christopher Zaghloul, author of LADY COLOMBIA

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    “Imaginative, intriguing, and sometimes haunting — this eclectic collection of short stories is full of the unexpected and thoroughly entertaining, whether you’re zipping through the entire anthology in one go or savoring the stories one by one.” Mary Fan, co-editor of BRAVE NEW GIRLS and author of STRONGER THAN A BRONZE DRAGON

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    “Twelve thrilling tales that are at times sinister, at other times wonderfully weird, but every story is heartfelt! This diverse collection shows that the monstrous can show us our humanity.”

    John Claude Bemis, award-winning author of THE NINE POUND HAMMER and THE WOODEN PRINCE

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