Freeze Frame

2009 IRA Children’s and Young Adults’ Book Award
Nominated for the Rhode Island Teen Book Award
Taysha’s List
Nominated by ALAN for its BBYA (Best Books for Young Adults) in 2010
VOYA: Voice of Youth Advocates, Starred Review



No matter how many times Kyle rewrites the scene, he can’t get it right. He tries it in the style of Hitchcock, Tarantino, Eastwood, all of his favorite directors—but regardless of the style, he can’t remember what happened that day in the shed. The day Jason died. And until he can, there is one question that keeps haunting Kyle: Did he kill his best friend on purpose?

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4 reviews for Freeze Frame

  1. admin

    “They may well fight back tears and gulp with grief, but readers will not turn away…Readers of Ayarbe’s debut novel will be delighted that she has a second young adult novel in the works.” — Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) (starred review)

  2. admin

    “Freeze Frame is, quite simply, a stellar first novel. Heidi Ayarbe’s powerful prose compels you to turn page after page until, along with protagonist Kyle, you reach the necessary resolution to mind-numbing conflict. This story will stay under your skin for a very long time.” — Ellen Hopkins, author of the National Book Award nominee BURNED and the New York Times best-seller IMPULSE

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    This takes its place on my very short list of “Best Books I’ve Ever Read But Will Never Ever Re-Read Because They Ripped My Heart Out.” But unlike the other books on that list, the heartache wasn’t waiting at the end — it was present from almost the first page. I’ve never cried my way through a book before. And yet I want to buy a copy for everyone I know and make them read it too. — Howie Bing (Amazon Review)

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    “Readers are quickly drawn into the mystery of guilt or innocence…This book will be appreciated by many teens.” — School Library Journal

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