Ahhh … The New Year Post …

With its utter lack of creativity. Everything feels so derivative. Everybody’s gung-ho, ready to make changes, ready to take tap dancing lessons, learn a new language, travel more, eat less, start a new page of a new book, try chapulines, grow a beard, and be better, stronger, prettier, more handsome,  more educated, more cultured, more of the good, less of the bad  … And I don’t have much to add to the pot.

I’m not a resolution-type person. I set goals. Some I’ll set today. Some later. But there is something to be said about reflecting on who we are, the mistakes we’ve made (don’t dwell! Dude, it’s Facebook. Everybody looks like an asshole on Facebook at times.), and the possibilities we have to be better.

So, I propose an ongoing resolution policy. DON’T WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2015 if something cool occurs to you in the next month or so. And since I’m pushing on a resolution blog on you, I’ll tell you my resolutions. So here goes!

I resolve to:

  • work harder … (I need to get up earlier to get more work done!)
  • keep taking swimming lessons … (I learned how to swim this past year! For real! And am so happy with my swimming lessons.)
  • be kinder …
  • be more tolerant …
  • not judge those who selfie while trying to pretend they’re acting spontaneous but, you know, from their posture and perky boobs, duck lips and coiffed hair they’re really selfieholics, selfiemaniacs, selfiers in the most selfier possible way … (Okay. They’ve got a three-strike selfie allowance. If, in one month, someone’s selfied more than three, she’s an egotistical ass. Unless she’s selfie-ing in the Lost City of Atlantis, next to Amelia Earhardt’s crashed plane, or the Loch Ness Monster. Then, by all means, those discoveries entitle anyone to an infinite selfie allowance.)
  • Shit … that wasn’t very tolerant.
  • Erase be more tolerant.
  • That wasn’t very nice, either.
  • I’ll be kinder. I won’t call the selfie-prone “egotistical asses.”  I’ll just laugh at them to myself.

I’m not doing too hot, am I?

How’s this? I’ll just give you my 2015 wishes for you and everyone I meet (selfiers included)…

Make your year wonderful. Create memorable, unexpected moments. Surprise someone you love. Surprise yourself. Find your courage. Read more. Listen more. Have one of those in-the-rain kisses you see in the movies. Stomp in puddles and crunch on leaves. Hold someone’s hand. Give more hugs. Climb a tree. Expect the best from everyone, from yourself. Forgive yourself. At least once every few months, eat dessert for dinner. Try something new. Stumble and get up. Value the people in your life. Value yourself.

HAPPY 2015! Let’s make this year the best … and then some!

AHHH … The ever-dreaded New Year’s Post …

Alas, it’s the last day of 2013 and the web will be flooded with insight and past-sight and future-sight. People will make thoughtful resolutions … ATTAINABLE ones. (That’s the key word, huh?) Others will write about the past year with wit and charm, bringing out the ten most … most ten … quirky countdowns and lists that will wow us and make us feel both inspired and uncomfortable at the same time. It’ll be like TED TALKS ON SPEED TIMES A MILLION …
Some posts will go viral, and we’ll all click when we read this new catch phrase: NOTHING COULD’VE PREPARED ME FOR ________  (the last picture, the last twenty seconds, her reaction). I have, in fact, stopped clicking on those “nothing could’ve prepared me for” because  I HATE that stupid phrase now. I, personally, LIKE to be surprised by things. It’s not always possible, but the fact that somebody is saying NOTHING COULD’VE PREPARED ME FOR … means you’re prepared for ….  and have already gotten out the tissues, so, in fact, I am prepared and, oftentimes, not that excited about it.

So here I am. December 31, 2013.
And I’ve got … nothing … except this.

I wish you well.
I wish you happiness and laughter and health and peace and love and gratitude.
I wish you perspective.(When life does a flip flop, stand on your head!)

I wish you great stories — ones you live, ones you read, ones you listen to, ones you create. We are ALL story tellers. Don’t forget the magic you can find in books and songs, in poetry and our every day lives. We paint the world with our stories. We infuse the love of stories in our children. We have the power of stories every day.  Tell the story you want to tell with your life. Every single day. Your story is unique and wonderful because you are..
I hope you know that you matter. Your smile makes someone’s day. You make a difference because you ARE.
You, as you are, are phenomenal, perfectly flawed, just like the rest of the world out there.

So, whether you’re a New Year’s grinch or are ready to dazzle tonight, Happy New Year!