Live The Book – Touching the Void

Over the past two days I was the first to summit the Siula Grande (in Peru) from the West side, crushed my tibia into my knee joint, got caught in a blizzard, fell 150 feet into a crevasse, hiked out, and crawled my way back to base camp with frostbite while going snow blind, suffering from dehydration, almost dying of ketosis (not to mention hypothermia, dehydration …), using the last ounce of my energy to call out for my climbing partner. I’m down now. I’m okay. Not to worry. I’m okay.
I’m freaking exhausted.

#LiveTheBook #WhereWillYouGoToday

A Book a day … Knock Knock by Daniel Beaty, illus. by Bryan Collier

And I haven’t even read this one yet.
But based on THIS …

and THIS School LIbrary Journal Review of Knock Knock by Daniel Beaty, illustrated by Bryan Collier …

It was out December 17th and looks like a treasure!! BUY THIS BOOK! I know I am. I can’t wait wait wait to get my hands on a copy of it!!