Bi-Lingual Storytelling — Cuentera bilingüe

Bring the magic of bi-lingual stories to your classroom. Students of all ages learn words in English and discover creation stories, just-so-stories, travel with fierce and fearless princesses and act out some of the most vivid stories with the most unexpected heroes and heroines. How did the stars get in the sky? Will the princess rescue the kidnapped prince?

Bilingual Storytelling

All bi-lingual storytelling time includes:

  1. Costumes and props for students to act.
  2. English language lessons — phrases and words to learn
  3. A follow-up activity.

(1 – 2 class periods required)

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Personalized Writing Workshops for Students and Teachers, Book Clubs, Writing Clubs and more:

Stories matter. Your students’ stories matter. Oral histories. Written histories. Comics, narratives, essays, poems …  giving children a voice and way to connect with their communities through personal stories is powerful. I’d love to come and be part of your classroom to develop the magic of stories and storytelling with your students, helping them find their truths.

Other workshops I’ve developed include:

Romance Your Writers
The Sixty-Second Plot
Bringing Writing to the Classroom (pain-free!)
I hate writing!
Developing Characters

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Author visits via SKYPE:

Here, I’m introducing my latest connect to readers, teachers, librarians and writers. Living in Colombia limits my school visits abroad (or I should say, “limited”). Now, though, with the magic of Wi-Fi and Skype, I can come to you … anywhere, anytime!

For students, book clubs, libraries, book chats and more!

Ask me Anything!
Venue: Wherever you are (anytime, anyplace!)
A SKYPE visit where students are invited to ask me anything about being an author, my writing process, the business behind the books, living in Colombia, traveling … and more. It’s a fun free question/answer period for your students to connect with me. I’ll even show them the view from my window so they can see a bit of Colombia!

About the book:
Venue: Wherever you are (anytime, anyplace!)
Why did you end the book that way? What happened to Nicole? Have you ever wanted to change a scene, go back and edit it out? What’s your favorite/least favorite scene? How did you know you were done with the book? Why did you choose that title? Who did the cover art?
Lots of times, readers contact me with similar questions, and your students or book club might just have the same ones for me. After reading one of my novels, this is a great way to get into the “behind the scenes”: what did I do on purpose, what came out subconsciously or was a great accident. How many times have you read a book and just wanted to talk to the author. This is your chance! To help your students, book club, or library gear up for author chats, I recommend you go over these great discussion guides before my visit.

Freeze Frame Discussion Guide
Compromised Discussion Guide
Compulsion Discussion Guide
Wanted Discussion Guide

Skype is a wonderful way to interact with readers on a more personal level. I’d love to come visit you, and this is how to get me there! All Skype visits are FREE OF CHARGE if your book club, class, or library group has read my book. That simple.