A Celebration of Light

I think that my favorite Colombian holiday is the festival of lights. On a Catholic level, it’s a celebration of the Virgin Mary. But all religions have this ritualistic act of lighting candles. There’s a sacred glow about candlelight, and the mystery of where the smoke curls, whispering its secret to the stars,  seeming as if it were a messenger to the heavens.
So in Colombia, the 7th and 8th are exquisite. Cities dim their lights and become, somehow, more decent. Instead of the cold fluorescent glare of artificial light, magic takes over, if just for a moment. There a visual hush as our eyes adjust to the dimmer, orange flicker of candles. Wishes are made. And I think, I really do, that many come true.
My dad kept a candle lit in the window for me when I moved to Colombia. He left it there for many years. The last two nights were my chance to light candles for the people I love who live far away. I made many wishes, and I hope they felt that we weren’t so far as it may seem.