A Book a Day, Day 14 and Touching the Rock:An Experience of Blindness

John Hull, an Australian theological scholar, after 36 years of sight problems went completely blind. Touching the Rock is a collection of essays, thoughts, and moments he describes during the first three years of his total blindness, keeping a diary on a cassette player he has beside his bed.
Its simplicity and eloquence is phenomenal.
It’s not a “look-at-me” survival guide to being the Super Blind Man. There are no Tony Robbins moments in here. It’s a quiet, emotional and physical journey into what it feels like being a blind husband and parent; what it’s like to encounter people after years of not seeing them, and “not seeing” them; what it’s like to feel frustrated with the vagueness of language; and what things make the world come alive for him.
It’s all in the details.
It’s beautiful.