A Book a Day, Day 13 and Fat Angie

Fat Angie by e.E. Charlton Trujillo is one courageous novel with one of my favorite, most unexpected heroines in YA.
Angie is fat. Angie is the laughing stock of the entire school because she tried to kill herself, unsuccessfully, during a basketball assembly. Angie is a binge eater. Angie is gay, and just figuring that out (with the new-girl-in-town KC Romance). Angie’s sister is being held hostage in Afghanistan, and Angie’s the only person who believes her sister is still alive. Add a cruel, borderline psychopath adopted Korean brother, an MIA dad who’s too busy with his new family to bother with the old, and an icy mother who is an expert at belittling her daughter and her daughter’s feelings, Angie could’ve been the greatest, most miserable victim in YA. Everything here could’ve been a mega-flop.
But she’s not.
She’s courageous and strong. She’s flawed. She’s scared. She messes up. She forges her way to understand her own truths. She learns to see the world through others’ points of view. And, in the end, with no resolution, we still feel the change and sense of hope and strength in her.
War, suicide, cutting, homosexuality, bullying, abuse, eating disorders, adoption … all woven into a tight story with a heroine we cheer for from page one. This is one courageous novel!
I love when I read a novel that breaks all the rules and comes out ahead. (Plus, this is, hands down, one of the best covers in 2013).