A Book a Day … Day 10 and Gone With the Wind The Screenplay

A good friend sent me a treasure this year. It’s Sidney Howard’s screenplay based on Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind. The introduction is filled with quirky facts about how Hollywood’s most successful movie EVER came together with five writers (including Steinbeck!), three (or four) directors, and filming key scenes even before Scarlett O’Hara was cast.
It’s been such a treasure to read a movie. This weekend, I’m going to watch it, and, perhaps, read along in a couple of parts so I can see how the director put the words into film.
I’m on a bit of a screenplay kick, especially because I’m insanely obsessed with Breaking Bad. I’ve downloaded several of the series’ screenplays and the more I read the more genius I think Vince Gilligan is. Just a genius, really.
This new art of reading movies is exciting for me because I love movies. PLUS, there’s something phenomenal about finishing something so quickly (it’s about one minute per page).
So … for movie buffs, what better gift than to give the screenplay of their favorite movie? Add a popcorn bucket with some of their favorite flavors, and I guarantee it’ll be the most unique gift of the season!