A Book a Day and Cannibalism in MG fiction

“Middle school romance is hard enough, but cannibalism really gets in the way.”

This has to be my favorite tag-line of a novel … ever. Jennifer Duddy Gill found a magical way to weave the enchanting middle grade story of Ferrell Savage and Mary Vittles battling to be co-champions on the sledding hill against a new foe, Bruce Littledood, with an intriguing period of history. Ferrell and Mary must grapple with their mysterious, and somewhat horrifying, family pasts.
The Secret of Ferrell Savage is quirky with a cast of characters that kind of reminded me of Northern Exposure (This dates me. I know.) Ferrell, notoriously “lazy” and living with what seems to be attention deficit disorder tries to impress overachiever Mary while hiding the fact his great great great uncle ate her great great grandfather. Awkward.
Cannibalism in MG fiction isn’t easy to dish out. But it works here with this funny, lovely story! (Spoiler: everybody comes out with all body parts in tact!)